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The fun, smart and unique Discord bot to help your server become even more entertaining, engaging and social.
Mini's intelligent scoreboard, ranking and leveling system encourages server members to stay active to keep their ranks and remain at the top of the leaderboard.
Mini's party games such as UNO, Word Search or Spin the Wheel provide entertainment for your game nights — without any additional setup or a steep learning curve.
Mini's quick round games such as Connect 4, Geo, 2048, or WikiHow let you kill a little bit of time if you're just hanging out in chat.
Mini's automatic unit conversions can help international servers in dealing with metric and imperial units, and other tools like the calculator and weather let you look up information right where you need it in the conversation.
Mini's meme generator and the deepfryer let you create memes so fast that they're still relevant to the conversation. And if you want to immortalize someone's out-of-context message, you can turn it into an inspirational quote-style picture.
Mini has a unique scoring system designed to encourage consistent activity from your server members. A live updating scoreboard in a dedicated text channel makes it easy for server members to always see where they currently stand on the leaderboard. Scores that drop over time mean that members have to stay active to maintain their score, ranks and roles. For more information on the Scoreboard, see the Scoreboard page.
Mini's scoring system is also deeply linked with the dynamic rank system. Mini can automatically set the minimum required score for your ranks based on your server's size, the current top scores on the leaderboard and the number of ranks. This helps ensure that your top role will be exclusive to the most active members even when the overall activity level changes. You can find out more about dynamic ranks on the Ranks & Roles page.
Mini has a variety of party games you can play during game nights (or any other time). The games are designed to be very easy to learn but also very fun to play.
Some games, like UNO, Word Search, Spin the Wheel or Story can be played with many people at once. Additionally, Mini offers a few one-on-one games like Connect 4 or Tic Tac Toe. You can even play UNO or Connect 4 against Mini's built-in AI!
For example, you can start a game of UNO for up to 25 players just by typing /uno into a text channel. From there, you just have to tap one button to start the game, and then tap on the cards in your hand to play them!
There's no need to learn any in-game commands or type out specific card codes, everything is visual and makes sense immediately.
Mini also has a few fun and interesting solo games to kill time. With Geo, you get a random image from a major city around the world and have to guess where it is. With WikiHow, you see an image from a random WikiHow article and five possible article titles — finding the right one gets difficult fast! And with 2048, you can play the popular tile-combining game right within Discord chat and impress your friends with your excellent strategy.
Mini has built-in automatic unit conversions for popular units of measurement between the metric and imperial system. When Mini finds units in a message, it will respond with an appropriate conversion to the other system of measurement. It works for weight, height (including the popular imperial 6'5" format), distances, volume and temperatures!
If you don't want this to happen automatically, you can turn it off and use the /convert command to manually request unit conversions.
Mini has a built in command to generate one of a wide selection of memes that get immediately posted to chat, with support for even more meme formats underway. You can also right-click messages with an image in them to deepfry them into oblivion! Multiple effects, including oversaturation, JPEG compression and stock photo overlays ensure that your image becomes less and less recognizable. And if you want a stronger effect, you can one-click deepfry the deepfried image for an even worse visual.
For iconic quotes and messages that are absolutely perfect out of context, you can use the Inspirational Quote command to turn any message into a poetic, beautiful picture with a handwritten quote on it. You can either use the /inspire command or right-click a message to turn it into a quote instantly.