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Compete against your friends to find out where in the world you are!
solo: play by yourself | party: play against others
30 seconds
1 minute
3 minutes
5 minutes
(optional) the time limit for guessing in each round of the game | 3 minutes by default
Free tier limits
5 / day
15 / week
10 / day
25 / week
Geo is a new take on a popular browser game in which you are dropped off at a random location in Google Street View and have to determine where in the world you are. You can play it by yourself or against your friends.
The game consists of three rounds. In the first round, you just have to guess the continent of the given picture. This guess is worth up to 1 000 points (less if you take a long time).
In the second round, your task is to guess the country. You will only be guessing countries on the correct continent, so even if your continent is incorrect, you will still get a chance to guess the right country. Here you can actually make up to 5 guesses at once, and you will be rewarded with points if any one of them is the correct answer. However, your score is divided by the number of guesses you make, so even though the correct country is worth 2 000 points, if you guess 5 different countries, you can get at most 400 points for your guess.
In the third round, you have to guess the city inside the correct country, also for up to 2 000 points. As with the country round itself, the city round allows you to make up to 5 guesses with the same point penalty.
The game uses a database of coordinates for major cities around the world to find places to drop you off at. There is of course still a chance that you will end up in what looks like the middle of nowhere, but you should see infrastructure and buildings more often than not, making it easier to spot details revealing your location.
Game Mode
You can play the game by yourself in Solo mode or competitively in Party mode. In Party mode, each round only ends once everyone has made their guess or the time is up.
Your Scoreboard reward for playing in Solo mode is half of your score, whereas in Party mode you are awarded the full score.
This option lets you specify how long each round of Continent, Country and City should last before the correct answer is revealed. If all players have made a guess, the round ends sooner.