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Deepfry an image either as an attachment or URL!
The URL of the image to deepfry.
Free tier limits
10 / day
Deepfry images immediately within Discord! Mini's deepfryer includes various popular effects such as oversaturation, JPEG compression and emoji overlays.
The intended way to use /deepfry is by right-clicking a Discord message with an image and selecting Apps > Deepfry Image. However, Discord has yet to implement this functionality on mobile, so if you want to deepfry an image on the mobile version of Discord, use the /deepfry command with an image URL (see the image option for details).
Mini automatically applies a selection of random effects to your image. If you don't like the result, you can hit the Retry button to get a different effect. If you want to make the deepfry effect worse, you can hit the Intensify button and Mini will apply another layer of effects on top of the already deepfried image.
Image URL
To get the URL of an image posted to Discord on mobile, tap and hold on the image until the context menu appears and select Copy Media Link. After that, type /deepfry and paste the copied URL into the image option. Run the command and Mini will fetch the image from the URL you pasted.