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Connect 4
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Play Connect 4 against one of your friends or against Mini!
/connect 4
(optional) The 🔴 to your 🟡!
Connect 4 is a game in which you take turns with your opponent dropping tiles down columns until one of you manages to get 4 tiles in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Mini's version of the game provides you with a tile dropper that you can move between the different columns to select where you want to drop your tile. Use the green center button to drop the tile and pass the turn to your opponent.
Connect 4 is a solved game, which means there is a strategy to win 100% of the time as the first player. Try to change up who goes first to make it fair for everyone playing!
You can also play Connect 4 against Mini's AI! The strategy that Mini follows is comparable to a good, not perfect, human player. Mini looks five moves into the future and tallies up which combinations of columns have the greatest chance of winning the game. This means that while Mini won't make any obvious mistakes, with the right setup it is definitely possible to defeat the AI.
Your Opponent
You can select a direct opponent to play Connect 4 against. Your opponent receives a notification with the opportunity to join the game within three minutes. If your opponent does not join the game in time, the invitation expires.
If you do not select an opponent or if your opponent is @Mini, you can play Connect 4 against Mini's AI instead. The AI is explained in more detail above.