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Three Word Story
Write a story with your friends, three words at a time!
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The Three Word Story is an exercise in collaborative writing — each participant can contribute three words at a time to a story that everyone is writing together.
Setting up a Three Word Story is simple — just type the command /story and you're good to go! Mini will create a new thread branching off of your current text channel, this is where your story will go. All messages posted to that thread will be added to the main story, as long as they are not from the same person twice in a row. After adding to the story, you will have to wait for someone else to contribute before you can go again. Messages are also cut off after three words, so anything beyond that point will be lost!
If the last contribution feels like the end of a sentence to you but there is no punctuation, you can start your contribution with it and it will be appended to the last word without a space. Watch out because it will cost you one of your three words to do this!
For example, if the last sentence is He left without a word, you may add . The next to turn it into He left without a word. The next ... and continue the story from there.
You can use the Undo button if the last word of the story was added by you. If someone else contributes and retracts their contribution with Undo, you are once again free to undo your own contribution as well. This makes it possible to cooperatively remove larger chunks of the story if necessary.