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Word Search
Play a game of Word Search against one or more of your friends!
❌ Discord
💡 Swipe
Play a limited game right within Discord or get the full experience with Swipe!
Free tier limits
4 / day
12 / week
6 / day
15 / week
Find as many words as you can with Word Search! You are presented with a 4⨉4 grid of letters in the English alphabet. Your task is to connect adjacent letters to form words.
Word Search is played competitively, and all players participating in a game get the same board. Some boards have more potential than others, so if you get a board where it's difficult to find good words, you can rest assured that the others are racking their brains for them as well.
Words are scored based on the rarity of letters in the English alphabet. You also get an exponentially growing bonus for words longer than 4 letters, so one word with 6 letters is worth significantly more than two words with 3 letters each!
Once the game starts, you can start collecting words by clicking on the respective letters. After tapping on a letter, some of the buttons are disabled so you can only select adjacent letters as your next. The current letter is highlighted in red — if you click it, that letter is removed from your word again. To clear the whole word out and start from scratch, just tap or click the Clear button.
Your word has to be at least 3 letters long to submit, and it has to be recognized by Mini's spellchecker. It's not perfect, so unfortunately you may encounter some legitimate words that aren't submittable. Dictionary words will work however, including their plurals and conjugated forms. Submit a word using the Submit Word button and it will be added to your total score. At this point, other players can see that your score has increased, and the word has been added to your final word list.
Game Mode
Just like with /griddle, you can play Word Search either within Discord or online through Swipe.
Unlike Griddle however, Word Search is timed, so players on Swipe have a big competitive advantage – even more so on a touchscreen device! To keep it fair, you need to set one game mode for the entire lobby.