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Ranks & Roles
Mini's Scoreboard offers customizable ranks for reaching a certain level of activity. Mini's ranking system can also dynamically adjust rank requirements to match your server's overall activity levels.
As a server administrator, you can use the /mini settings command to create, edit or delete ranks on your server. Each rank has a name and a threshold, which is the Scoreboard score required to have that rank. Ranks are displayed on the Scoreboard and through the /score command.
Additionally, you can link a server role to the rank. Ranks are not a permanent achievement — if a server member loses enough points to fall below the threshold, they lose both the rank and the linked role again. Linked roles are exclusive to Tier 2 Patrons for technical reasons; for a more detailed explanation, check out the Linked Roles section below.
Mini offers a dynamic ranking system that automatically updates the rank thresholds based on the number of users in the server, the position of the rank and the current scores on the leaderboard. That way, Mini can ensure that the top ranks stay exclusive even if the value of points changes as users become more or less active on the server. If you'd rather keep everything under your control, you can of course set the requirements manually as well.
Let's say your most active members currently have around 12k points on the scoreboard and you set the threshold for your top-tier "Ultimate Member" rank to 10k points. It has 5 members currently and they've become good friends of yours over time. Winter break rolls around and a lot of members are spending more time on your server, so now the most active member is about to reach 100k points.
Around 20 members now have the "Ultimate Member" rank, and it doesn't seem like the special group it once was. Do you create a new rank that's even higher? Do you go and change the requirements and lock out 15 people all at once?
Here's where Mini comes in: Mini continuously matches up the number of active members and their scores to ensure that the top rank will have the same number of members. As the server gets more busy, the requirement to get into "Ultimate Members" slowly rises as well, and it keeps its size of around 5-7 extremely active members.
You can link server roles to ranks on your Scoreboard. Unlike old fashioned activity bots that just give out a role once you've collected a certain number of points, Mini keeps the roles constantly in sync. Mini ensures that even as rank requirements change through Dynamic Thresholds and members lose points through Score Decay, the roles on your server always reflect the current state of the Scoreboard. Try manually removing a linked role from one of your server members — within a few minutes, it will be back!
This feature is exclusive to servers owned or managed by Tier 2 Patrons. There is no way to check or update roles in bulk, so doing this for thousands of server members at once takes puts a significant strain on Mini's network traffic to Discord. To ensure that Mini can perform this check frequently and still have enough resources left over to handle everything else, the feature is only available to Mini's supporters.