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ABOUT /2048
2048 is a game where the objective is to combine tiles with the same value into bigger tiles for as long as you can. You control the game with arrows pointing up, down, left and right. Each move slides the tiles over as far in the chosen direction as possible until they hit either the edge of the grid or another tile. If a tile bumps into another tile with the same value, the two tiles merge into one tile with double the value. You are awarded points according to the combined value every time a merge occurs.
While the objective of the game is to hit the 2048 tile, it is not the highest value possible — the theoretical maximum is 131072, however this is only possible if the last spawned tile is a 4, for which there is a 12.5% probability. In all other cases, 65536 is the largest possible tile.
The game purposefully prevents you from making more than one move per second to reduce the probability of encountering Discord's rate limits for button presses. Also, since a new tile spawns with every move, this allows for a small pause in the animation between moving your existing tiles and spawning the next one. While a faster paced game might be nice, given the limitations Discord imposes on bots and users alike, this is the best way to make reliable moves.