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Play a round of UNO with your friends!
(optional) whether you want +2 cards to be stackable. On by default.
(optional) whether you want to skip the recipient of a +2 or +4 card. On by default.
(optional) whether you want 'pass-around' cards in your deck. On by default.
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Mini's implementation of the popular card game UNO is entirely based on buttons, so it's as easy to learn as the real game! You can also customize the rules of the game to match your preferences, as there are a few slightly different versions of the game.
Starting a game of UNO is easy — just run the command and set the gamerules you want to change (if any)! All gamerules are optional, so just typing /uno is enough to create a lobby and eventually start the game.
After running the command, other players can join your lobby — up to 25 of them! You can also fill player slots with Mini's AI. Once everyone's in, you can hit the Start button to start playing. Mini creates a new thread that has the table, the current ruleset, and controls for you to interact with the game. Due to Discord limitations, you have to click Reveal Hand once to open your hand. From that point, all you have to do is click or tap on the cards you want to play when it is your turn to play them.
The basic goal of UNO is to get rid your cards before anyone else does. You can only place cards on the table that match either the current card's face or color. The only exceptions are wildcards, which have all four colors on them to indicate they can be played at any time.
UNO has a few special cards, some of which do more damage than others.
The Reverse and Skip cards simply change the order of players.
The Color card lets you choose the color that goes next on the table.
The +2 card makes the next person draw two cards. The +4 card deals out four cards accordingly, but also lets you choose the following color like the Color card. There are some special rules around these two cards, which you can read about in the sections for stack and drawskip.
The Pass card forces every player to pass their hand onto the next player. It can be turned off with the pass gamerule.
When a player places their second to last card, they have to say UNO. In a real game this is done verbally, so in Mini's version you have to hit the Say UNO button. Watch out: you have a grace period of roughly 2 seconds, after which other players can hit the Say UNO button to call you out. If someone else hits the button before you, you have to draw two cards, potentially costing you the win!
Stack +2
This gamerule decides whether a player on the receiving end of a +2 card may stack another +2 on top to give the next player a total of 4 cards.
Stacking can be continued with more +2 cards until a player either places down a +4 or has no card of their own to add to the stack. If Skip on Draw is enabled but a player could add to the stack, they are not automatically skipped. However, if they do not actually play a draw card at this point, they have to take the full stack for themselves.
If stacking is disabled, players who are served +2 have no choice but to draw two cards. You can configure the game like this:
Skip on Draw
This gamerule decides what happens when a player is on the receiving end of a +2 or +4 card.
By default, players who are made to draw cards are skipped for that turn (unless stacking is enabled and they can stack another +2 or +4 on top). If you disable Skip on Draw, a player can place a card down immediately after drawing two or four cards.
Pass Card
This gamerule decies whether the Pass Card is included in the deck.
The Pass Card is a card that forces everyone to pass their own hand to the next player. It can make the game more interesting and unpredictable but also harder to win as your good hand may be taken away from you at any moment. If you disable the Pass Card, it will not show up in the deck.