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Change Mini's settings on this server!
/mini settings
You can use the command /mini settings to open Mini's Settings. The settings panel always references the server and text channel you're currently in, so if you want to change settings for a specific server, you will have to type the command in one of its text channels. The panel is always hidden for other members, so nobody except you will see it.
As a regular server member, you can use the server settings panel to manage your privacy settings in regards to Simulations and Challenge Leaderboards such as Griddle.
As a server administrator, you can change a wide variety of server settings — from setting up Ranks & Roles on the leaderboard to customizing the Scoreboard channel to enabling automatic conversions.
Each settings panel has detailed explanations for the options you can change, so the page should guide you through the process smoothly. If you still have questions, check out the dedicated pages on the respective features, or ask the developer directly by visiting the official support server (/mini support).