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Find the best words in a daily global word hunt challenge!

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Find the best words on a 4⨉4 board in Griddle and compete with players across all participating Discord servers! You earn points on the Scoreboard for playing regularly and a massive bonus for winning the Griddle of the day! Additionally, you can share your results without revealing the words you found, by showing only the rarity color of your chosen letters. Griddle is ideal for players who enjoy word puzzles but don't fare well under the time pressure of Word Search, or just want to enjoy a more relaxed version of it.
A new Griddle is posted at midnight UTC every day. Your objective is to form words by connecting adjacent letters. You can only go over each box once per word, and you can only submit words that are recognized by Mini's spellchecker.
Letters that are rare in English are worth up to 10 times more points than the most common ones, so keep an eye out for Q and Z and try to use them where possible! You also get an additional bonus point for every letter past the third, so one six-letter word is always worth more than two three-letter words.
You can find a more detailed explanation of the word search mechanic on the page for Word Search, which works similarly to Griddle but is played in a fast-paced 90 second round directly against other players.
Are you not using Mini? Click here to play yesterday's Griddle by yourself and try to beat the Discord players!
Griddle will automatically open once you type /griddle in a channel of your choosing. You can hide the game at any point and return to it by using /griddle again. There is no time limit apart from the end of the day.
Due to Discord's rate limits, playing Griddle using the buttons can be quite slow. You can instead click on the button 💡 Play Swipe to play in your web browser.
Your score is global, meaning that you compete against everyone who is playing the game, regardless of the server they are on. Your username is hidden by default, so players who do not share a server with you will see a user not on this server, and the Griddle Swipe Leaderboard will show Anonymous User.
You can manually enable username sharing in /mini settings under Challenges > Toggle Public Name.
At midnight UTC, if you've played Griddle that day, you will receive a notification about your final ranking on the global Griddle Leaderboard (unless you opt out under Toggle Notifications in the same settings tab). If you end up in first place overall, you will additionally be notified in the channel that you played or opened Griddle Swipe in, and you will be awarded a massive bonus on the Scoreboard.
The name Griddle takes inspiration from multiple places at once:
  • It's a riddle played on a grid, and Mini's shipname for that is Griddle.
  • It has a similar gameplay to the physical board game Boggle, where you also look for words in a grid.
  • It's a daily shareable challenge like the popular web-based game Wordle, where your objective is to guess one specific word every day.